My ‘Home Gym’ Must-Haves

img?v=2 - My 'Home Gym' Must-Haves

I love this simple black mat. It’s nonslip and lightweight!

WEIGHTS: I keep a set of 1 lb, 2 lb and 3lb weights for workouts at home. I use them while doing both MelissaWoodHealth and Amanda Kloots workouts – both of which I have a subscription to!

I love my stainless steel water bottle that keeps my drink cold for 24 hours. I always need a bottle of water next to me while working out and my goal is to finish any remaining water in the bottle after I finish my workout.

Yoga blocks are always a great addition to yoga and really help with so many poses. Don’t think of them as just for beginners – I’ve been doing yoga for 8 years now and still love my blocks!

This strap is so great for stretching. I always try to stretch for 10 minutes after every workout.

These bands are great for my leg workout days to add resistance.

I love this stability ball for doing leg curls and sit ups. My kids also play with it lol.

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