Sunday Things… 2.7.21

Sunday Things 576x1024 - Sunday Things... 2.7.21

HELLO friends and welcome to another ‘Sunday Things’ where I share all my favorite finds from around the internet this past week! This weekend was absolutely fabulous because the kids slept at my mom and step-dad’s house on Saturday night! My mom had me test both of them before for peace of mind and it didn’t even bother either of them, lol. Josh and I had an at-home date night and made hibachi chicken with magic mustard sauce for dinner (so good – recipe linked below). We watched a few episodes of Queen’s Gambit and passed out early. I’m really enjoying this quiet morning to ourselves with nothing on the agenda besides a workout and delicious breakfast. Then we’ll go pick up the girls from my mom’s house and take them to a park this afternoon. Josh of course wants to watch the superbowl and I want nothing to do with that! Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

What I want to make this week…

Healthier homemade crunchwrap supreme– because who doesn’t love a healthier version of taco bell?!

Gluten-free vegan spicy penna alla vodka

30 vegan breakfast recipes – SO many good breakfast ideas in here

Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Sheet pan fish tacos

Hibachi style chicken with magic mustard sauce (paleo / Whole30) – Josh and I made this last night and was just as good as hibachi, but with MUCH cleaner ingredients! SO GOOD!

Workouts I want to do this week:

45-minute cardio kickboxing bootcamp

MelissaWoodHealth 29-minute full body strong power series

29-minute Lower body power (code LEAH30 for free trial + 30% off your first month)

10-minute full body stretch

What I’m loving from Amazon this month…

Lululemon dupes align leggings for only $27.99 – buttery soft fabric!

Facial massage ice roller – love keeping this in my fridge and rolling it over my face in the morning to de-puff.

The best non-slip no-show socks

Cutest pajamas for the girls

What I’m wanting for my closet…
350 - Sunday Things... 2.7.21

What I’m currently watching…

Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.. half way through season 1 and Josh and I are obsessed! It’s one of the few shows we watch together.

The Bachelor… obviously. I’m a sucker for every season! I think Matt is such a standup guy and whoever he chooses is very lucky!

Everyone is raving about Bridgerton – that’s definitely next on my ‘to-watch’ list!

Podcasts I loved this past week…

Melissa Wood Health on Life With Marianna

Lisa Vanderpump on The Skinny Confidential

Sugarproof & the hidden dangers of sugar that are putting your child’s health at risk on Be Well By Kelly


Loving these healthyish grocery store swaps – love every product they recommended!

30 at home workouts you can do on your lunch break: Such a great way to break the day up and I’d probably come back to my work with renewed energy.

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