Sunday Things… 4.14.19

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Catching up with Emma…

Hi friends and happy Sunday! The girls both decided to wake up earlier than usual today – didn’t they get the memo that today is Sunday?! Jordyn is napping now and Emma’s at her grandma’s house so I’m enjoying some peace and quiet for a few moments. I really treasure my alone time since I rarely get it. I hope you guys are having a nice day and enjoy my fave finds from this week:

Very into this immortal coffee (bulletproof style)

So into this yummy Greek Cobb salad. Will definitely make it for lunch one day this week.

This is such an informative posts on milk alternatives by one of my favorite nutritionists.

Wish I could visit all these US destinations

Dreaming of this tahini dark chocolate cookie skillet

The most beautifully designed Greek Island hotels… Take me to all of them please.

Such a pretty dress for spring/summer. Just ordered it.

Cute jumpsuit for spring/summer that is under $100.

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