Sunday Things… 5.21.17

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Oh hello friends! Another lazy Sunday morning over here (my time to lay in bed with my hot cup of coffee while browsing the web)… we’re pretty lucky that Emma sleeps until 8 (and for some reason I can’t sleep past 6:30)!!

This weekend has been SO nice! Josh had been studying for his board certification exam for the past 6 months so I didn’t have much time with him… well he final took his exam so that’s DONE and now we get to hang and play as a family again – I can tell it makes Emma so happy having her mama and dada obsessing over her together! We spent the day at the pool yesterday (we can’t get Emma out of the water!) then grilled outside and enjoyed a nice early dinner! Today we have nothing planned which I love – we’ll just see where the day takes us… if I’m up for it I may sneak out for a yoga or kickboxing class – but as of now I’m feeling pretty lazy…

Have the BEST Sunday my loves and here are my fave finds from lately:




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