Sunday Things… 9.13.15

sunday - Sunday Things... 9.13.15

I have finally returned from my 10 days in California. I was visiting my dad and it was my final trip before having my first baby. I tried to really enjoy my finals days of freedom, but I’m just so excited to meet this little girl soon!

Below is my weekly roundup of what I’m loving lately and things I’ve found on the Internet this week:

In the Food World:

In the Travel World:

  • I like this guide to 4 restaurants/hotspots in NYC that won’t derail your diet.
  • Searching for that perfect honeymoon spot or just a romantic getaway with your significant other? Read about these destinations

In the Beauty World:

  • I’ve been in search of a new cleanser. Perhaps it’s time to ditch CVS and switch to one of these real, adult grown-up cleansers
  • I’m obsessed with this new eye shadow that I recently purchased. This shade looks great on any skin tone!

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