The Best Healthy Non-Dairy Creamers

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One of my most commonly asked questions on Instagram and email is ‘help me find a healthy plant based coffee creamer’. As many of you may know, most store-bought coffee creamers are made with, in my opinion, unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients.

I went out on the hunt for a perfect non-dairy coffee creamer that was delicious AND made with clean ingredients. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find! I’m happy to say that I did find 4 amazing options! When you’re looking for a coffee creamer you don’t need so many gums, emulsifiers and ‘natural’ flavors.

This post is going to break down my top 4 plant based (vegan / dairy-free) coffee creamers. This post has been a long time coming, so I hope this is super helpful and that you enjoy it. If you have any questions I ask that you please ask them in the comment box at the bottom of this post so everyone can see the question and my answer. Thank you!

Before I dive into this I want you guys to know that my personal preference for a dairy-free creamer is an unsweetened creamer – I don’t love a sweet coffee. I love the taste of coffee, so I don’t feel that I need to change the flavor to make it sweeter. All of the creamers I personally love and listed below are unsweetened. However, if there is a sweetened option, I noted it in the ‘note’ section.



  • WHAT I LOVE: I love that this is organic and contains the most minimal clean ingredients of any coffee creamer I’ve seen. I’d say this is the ‘cleanest’ option of all. I also love that the almonds are sprouted, making it easier on digestion.
  • TEXTURE / CONSISTENCY: thick and creamy, but not as thick and creamy as some of the below creamer options. If you like a not-too-creamy creamer then this is a great option for you.
  • NOTE: this is an almond and oat milk mix, so if you’re strictly paleo / grain-free then this is not a good option for you since it contains oats.


  • WHAT I LOVE: It’s difficult to find a ‘functional mushroom’ creamer that’s not sweetened. I love the functional mushrooms in this creamer for added benefits. Sometimes I add lion’s mane powder into my coffee, so this simplifies my life by eliminating that step since it’s already in the creamer. If you’re wondering what lion’s mane is: it’s an adaptogenic mushroom that improves mental clarity and focus.
  • TEXTURE / CONSISTENCY: very thick and creamy
  • NOTE: they also make naturally-sweetened creamers, so if you’re looking for a healthy sweetened creamer, then this brand is a fabulous option! *the turmeric creamer is sweetened with coconut sugar and turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory.


  • WHAT I LOVE: I am obsessed with their unsweetened collagen creamer with MCT Oil & grass-fed collagen. I love that it has 0g of sugar! The MCT oil is a healthy fat that gives you sustained energy without the crash. It helps balance out the caffeine, so it reduces those jittery feelings if you get them. There’s so much research on the benefits of adding fat to your coffee (so that your body and brain can run on fat instead of sugar) that you can read about here. The addition of collagen is great for a little protein, and is also amazing for the lining of your gut as well as your hair, skin and nails.
  • TEXTURE / CONSISTENCY: thick and creamy. I am a huge fan of the consistency of this creamer. It is ‘just right’.
  • NOTE: They also have a creamer with butter in it, so if you’re down with dairy that’s a good option as well. I personally prefer the one with MCT oil instead of butter though.


  • WHAT I LOVE: The ingredients in this creamer are very clean and minimal – probably just as clean as MALK in my opinion. There are no unnecessary additives and just a few clean ingredients.
  • TEXTURE / CONSISTENCY: creamy, but not as thick and creamy as the other creamers.
  • Note: this is my least favorite of all the creamers on this blog post. I recommend it for how clean the ingredients are, but just based on taste and consistency alone it’s my least favorite. It’s not quite creamy enough for me and tastes slightly ‘watered down’.


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  1. Just picked up the Laird creamer at the store today! Excited to try it. I may try some of these other options too, the MCT oil sounds interesting.

    1. I LOVEEEE the Laird creamer – it’s delicious! I think you’d love the Picnik creamer as well (the one with MCT oil) so definitely give that a try – that’s probably my favorite one 🙂 xo

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