Discount Codes

Enjoy these discount codes for some of my top recommended things to help support a healthy pregnancy and the postpartum period.


Use code ‘XOLEAH’ to receive 20% off your first meal program, 10 day reset or clean boutique purchase

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Use code ‘PRENATALHEALTH’ to get 10% off your first 3 months of your prenatal or postnatal vitamins

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AWG Bakery

Use code ‘leahsplate10’ for 10% off your order of my favorite vegan & paleo breads

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Lovebird Cereal

Use code leahsplate for 10% off your order of grain-free cereal made with the cleanest ingredients

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Daily Harvest

Use code prenatalhealth for up to $40 off your first custom box

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Use code ‘leahsplate’ for 10% off your order of non-toxic skincare products

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Primal Kitchen

Use code ‘leahsplate’ for a discount

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Primally Pure

Use code ‘leahsplate’ for 10% off non-toxic beauty products

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Obe Fitness

Use code ‘LEAHMONTH’ for a free trial + your first month free – they have amazing prenatal workouts.

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Use code ‘leah’ for a discount on my favorite CBD products. *I only recommend CBD for the postpartum period if you are NOT breastfeeding. I do not recommend CBD while pregnant.

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Philosophie Superfoods

Use code ‘leahsplate20’ for 20% off your order

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Use code ‘leahsplate15’ for 15% off organic mattresses, pillows and bedding

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