3 Things I do to Lift My Mood

Flyhweel - 3 Things I do to Lift My Mood

We’re all human and none of us can be 100% happy all the time – if you are please call me and tell me your tricks. We all get down from time to time; some people more often than others. I wanted to share the things that I do that always help to lift my mood:

Take a workout class: There’s nothing better than getting a rush of endorphins fueled by a fun workout. I love being in a class surrounded by others and thrive off group workouts. I love spinning, kickboxing, yoga, barre and pilates. Lately I’ve been having lots of fun attending Flywheel classes. They put me in the best mood because everyone in the class is enthusiastic and positive. The room is dark and they play amazing music while you spin. I tend to close my eyes, zone out and listen to the music while getting a great workout in. The class flies by and there’s nothing better than the rush of endorphins I get after the class. The teachers are also really motivating. Flywheel is truly my ‘happy place’. Yoga is my go-to for when I’m feeling sore the day after Flywheel and need some deep stretching. It also does wonders for my mind.

Take a bubble bath: There’s nothing a good bubble bath can”t do to lift your mood. I love to zen-out in the bath with a good cup of herbal tea, close my eyes and relax. This always seems to lift my mood and bring me to a happy place. It leaves me feeling revitalized.

Meet a friend for a coffee date: If I’m feeling down I call my mom or a good friend to meet for a coffee. It’s always good to talk my feelings out with someone else. Never underestimate how therapeutic talking can be. It’s so good to let out your emotions and not hold them in.

What do you do to lift your mood? I’d love to know! Comment below 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! xo

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