33 Things About Me!

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Hi friends! I thought it’d be fun to share 33 things about me since today is my 33rd birthday! Enjoy!

  1. I was on my high school ski team. I LOVE to ski – it’s definitely my favorite sport!
  2. I went to Florida State University for college.
  3. I grew up in New Jersey and lived in NYC for a few years after college.
  4. I don’t love cheese – I eat it occasionally, but I can definitely do without it.
  5. The foods I can’t live without are avocado, banana and almond butter.
  6. My favorite spot for date night with Josh is Tramonti in Delray Beach.
  7. My favorite spot for a healthy meal in Boca is True Food Kitchen.
  8. I alway knew I’d have a daughter named Emma since I was really young.
  9. I went to sleep away camp and HATED it and had to come home after a few days. I still feel bad my parents didn’t get a refund #oops!
  10. I’m an introvert all the way. I thrive off being alone. I love being alone in my house. I am fine with not leaving the house for days. However, I do enjoy seeing friends, but I only like to be around people for short periods of time until I’m ready to be alone again.
  11. I went to New Zealand on my honeymoon.
  12. The next place I’d love to travel to is San Fransisco.
  13. I am not much of an animal lover – I enjoy other people’s dogs, but prefer not to have my own. Sorry Emma.
  14. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.
  15. Sweet vs savory – definitely sweet tooth all the way!
  16. Coffee vs matcha – I like both, but if I had to pick one definitely coffee!
  17. I’m all about the CBD trend – I truly believe it works!
  18. I am all about reality TV (sorry Josh). My favorite shows to watch are Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Real Housewives of NY & Bev Hills.
  19. While I love reality TV the one other show that’s not ‘reality’ that I love is This Is Us. It’s the one show Josh and I watch together.
  20. While people may think I want a son, I secretly wished for another girl. I cried of happiness when I found out Jordyn was a girl. Of course all that is important is a healthy baby, but I did dream of a girl!
  21. My favorite activity to do with Emma is bake. It’s so cute seeing how into it she is.
  22. This blog has become my career and I love it. I never could have imagined this is what I’d be doing for a living.
  23. My dad lives in California and Park City, Utah. It’s so cool getting to go to amazing places when I visit him. I feel really lucky.
  24. My mom lives in South Florida and New Jersey. It’s so nice having her nearby half the year.
  25. My husband is a lawyer – he does estate planning. He’s seriously the best, most kind-hearted person. I’m so lucky.
  26. I met Josh on a vacation in Miami in 2010 (at the time I was living in NY). I had no intention of meeting someone (had just gotten out of a long relationship) and was just having a fun night out with a friend.
  27. If I could live anywhere else it would be in Southern California, but Josh wouldn’t move so we’re staying in South Florida!
  28. I miss living in New York a lot, but am so grateful for this life I’ve created for myself in Florida.
  29. I’m the in process of decluttering my house and only keeping items/things that I actually use or wear all of the time. I want to be a minimalist.
  30. I used to be really wild – I loved going out all night when I was in college and living in New York. I am now the biggest grandma imaginable. How times have changed…
  31. People often ask me if I drink. I love a glass or two of wine at dinner. At a wedding I’ll even get extra crazy and take a shot or two of tequila. Other than that I rarely drink.
  32. I have LOTS of siblings – a full brother who is 3 years younger than me, a half brother who is TWENTY years younger than me, 3 step-brothers and 1 step-sister.
  33. I love to nap. Loveeee it… so much… wish I could nap every day lol.

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