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Activewear… it’s pretty much all I wear these days lol. I workout almost every morning and then shower and change into another ‘athleisure’ outfit, so I basically wear leggings, tank tops and sweats all day so I need a lot of them lol. I’m all about comfort!

Here are some recent athletic wear purchases I’ve made lately and LOVE:

  • If you’re looking for the perfect basic crop top that not too short then you’re going to love these basic black and white crop tops. I can wear them all of the time since they’re black and white and they basically match with anything. I also love the price point ($32). I find most nice athletic tops are in the $60 and up price range which is a lot in my opinion!
  • More crop tops that I love are these sheer crop tops. I have it in black, weight and neutral. These are not really crop tops (don’t show any belly) but just fall around the top of my pants. I love how sheer and lightweight this top is!
  • I have a major sneaker obsession and loveeee my new APL’s in this black / silver / gold combo
  • I recently bought these Nike sneakers and get SO many compliments on them!!
  • I got these ombre star leggings and matching sports bra and I’m so obsessed with them! They have the best snug fit and are really flattering on!
  • Speaking of star print (clearly I’m really into star print) I just got this white star print top and really love it! It’s super lightweight which is perfect for this hot South Florida weather! Get it now and you’ll wear it all summer long!
  • If you’re looking for the perfect pair of high-rise shiny leggings then you’ll want to invest in this pair from Koral! They’re really comfortable and I always get so many compliments on them! I have them in the midnight blue and lead!
  • Another pair of shiny leggings that I love are these from Carbon38. I have them in black and love them! I love the 7/8 length so they’re not too long on my ankles. I actually on buy 7/8 length leggings for the most part now because the length is way better for me (I’m 5/3).
  • I’m super into this sports bra from Cor by Ultracor. Its on sale and is such a great fit! I love the print!
  • The most comfortable and flattering leggings ever are the align leggings from Lululemon! I’m so obsessed and they’re well worth the money! I have them in black and camo!
  • I love this inexpensive sports bra and it’s actually from Amazon!
  • These are the best no-show socks!!
  • I’m very into this leopard print sports bra!

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