Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap

Girls trip to Austin.... 1024x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap

I just returned from the BEST weekend in Austin! I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days with some of the most inspiring ladies in the wellness world all thanks to Siete Foods. Siete makes grain-free (with the cleanest list of ingredients) tortillas and chips. They’re a family-owned business based in Austin, TX. They welcomed us into their family for the weekend with open arms and are the sweetest bunch of people. This post is NOT sponsored, I just wanted to share the details of my fun, healthy weekend in Austin!

I went to Austin when I was 17 (feels like forever ago) and hadn’t been back since. It’s such a cool city with so much to do and see. There were a million healthy places I wanted to eat at, but unfortunately you can’t hit them all.

girls trip to Austin 1024x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap


I arrived early in the morning on Thursday and went straight to the Siete headquarters. Their office is the CUTEST and so fun. They had the best snacks and beverages that I obviously indulged in right away – we’re talking some of my favorites here – Eating Evolved chocolates, GTS kombucha, of course lots of Siete chips and so much more!

We waited for the other girls to arrive and then headed to Forthright Cafe for lunch. I had an amazing matcha latte and the superfood bowl with ancient grains.

Forthright Cafe 1024x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
our lunch at Forthright Cafe

After lunch we had the pleasure of checking out the flagship Whole Foods which was so exciting for me. They have so many amazing products and their clean beauty section was pretty awesome. It’s a lot bigger than the Whole Foods in my town so it was fun to check out some other products that I wasn’t aware of. I also had serious envy of their plant selection outside.

girls trip to Austin. 768x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap

That night we headed to Fresa’s for dinner which was the most adorable place. I ordered the power bowl which was AMAZINGGG! It was so nice to sit and chat with the girls and the lovely Siete family.

girls dinner in Austin 768x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
Dinner at Fresa’s


Upon waking up on Friday we headed to Juice Society for some juice and matcha lattes. They were so sweet and gifted me a ‘Matcha’ sweatshirt (seen on my Instagram). Feeling quite energized from my matcha we headed over to the Siete office for a fun workout. It felt great to break a sweat after traveling the day before.

Matcha at Juice Society 1024x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
Iced matcha latte at Juice Society

After our workout we headed to Picnik for lunch (my favorite place we ate at the entire trip). I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Their butter coffee and tonics are all amazing and I wish I could go pick one up every day. I had the harvest hash which was incredible!

After our mind-blowing lunch at Picnik we headed over to the Outdoor Voices showroom. This athletic wear company has the best leggings, sports bras, crops and tanks! They seem to flatter any body type and the fabric is awesome. I wear athleisure almost every day since I’m a stay-at-home mama so it’s nice to wear something that I feel put together in and also looks good.

With some time to kill before dinner we decided to check out Barton Springs which was so beautiful. It was a clear, sunny day and we just hung on the grass chatting and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

barton springs 768x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
the scenic Barton Springs

Friday night we went to the Siete headquarters for their Cinco De Mayo party which was so nicely done. The food was incredible and the vibe was just so laid-back and chill. We were so lucky with the weather and enjoyed our food outside on their patio. It was the most gorgeous evening! They baked us some fresh grain-free cookies for dessert which were so awesome!

girls trip to austin... 768x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
at the Siete Cinco de Mayo fiesta


Saturday morning all the girls went on a leisurely 5 mile walk around Austin. We stopped for smoothies on the way and of course stumbled upon a cute farmer’s market. It was so nice to just walk around and take in the beautiful scenery. After our walk it was time to check out of our Air BnB. I decided to go back to Picnik for my final meal in Austin. As much as I was tempted to order the same thing again (harvest hash) I decided to try something else. The breakfast tacos were SO good so I’m glad I decided to try something else (I’m a creature of habit so this was big for me). I also had the golden milk matcha latte (SO good – ended up ordering a second).

breakfast tacos at picnik 1024x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap
breakfast tacos on grain-free tortillas at Picnik

After lunch I had about an hour to kill before I had to head to the airport so my friend who lives in Austin picked me up and showed me around the Texas state capitol. The building and scenery was gorgeous and it was fun to do something touristy.

Austin: you’re the cutest city and I’ll be back for more soon (there’s so many other health food places I want to check out)!

Girls Trip to Austin.. 768x1024 - Healthy Weekend in Austin: Recap

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