Favorite Baby & Toddler Feeding Essentials

Feeding Essentials for Baby & Toddler

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The following are what we use and love daily:

Water Bottle:

I use this stainless steel thermos and prefer to use a straw over a sippy cup. This bottle is perfect for little ones over 12 months. Anything younger (6 – 12 months) I’d recommend this weighted straw cup


I love the Baby Bjorn Bib because my children can’t rip them off 🙂 They also catch all of the food, so nothing gets on my children’s pants.

For dining out I always bring the OXO Roll Up Bib. It rolls up, so it’s easy to fit in any bag.

If your child is going to be eating something really messy then I recommend this long sleeve bib as well.

Plates & Bowls

My favorite is the Avanchy suction bowl and Avanchy suction plate. This suctions to the table/highchair which is really awesome. I also love that it’s made from organic bamboo and non-toxic silicon. You can purchase them together here.

Another good option is this stainless steel plastic-free plate with dividers as well as this suction learning bowl.

I also love the EZPZ Happy Bowl – this placemat suctions to highchair trays and table tops. It also contains messes and reduces spills. Here’s the EZPZ Happy Mat which is the plate version with dividers.


Avanchy Silicone Baby Spoon. The Avanchy bowl comes with one spoon, but I definitely needed multiple spoons (I always keep one in my bag for dining out).

For a full utensil set I recommend this bamboo utensil set. The fork and knife are for toddlers to learn and use, obviously the baby won’t be able to use them.

High Chair 

I purchased an expensive high chair and to be completely honest I found it’s not worth the money. I recommend the Ikea high chair, which is simple, SO cheap and gets the job done.

Food Storage Containers

I use the OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks which are freezer and oven safe.  They’re also spill-proof for eating on the go.

Reusable Bags

I love the Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bags. They come in different sizes (small, medium and large). They’re eco-friendly and are dishwasher-safe. They’re also great for taking food on the go!

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