Let’s Talk About Food Intolerances…

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As some of you may have seen on my Instagram stories I recently took the Pinner Test. This tests for food intolerances. Prior to taking this test I honestly didn’t know the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance. However, upon taking this test I dove into researching food intolerances so I could fully understand.

The first thing I learned was that a food intolerance is in no way a food allergy. When you have a food allergy it causes an immune system reaction that can affect numerous organs in the body. It can cause a range of symptoms from rashes, hives, vomiting and wheezing. In a serious case, an allergic reaction to a food can be severe or life-threatening (called anaphylaxis).

In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are less serious and often limited to digestive problems. A “food intolerance” refers to difficulty in digesting certain foods. People with food intolerance may have symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps, weight gain, migraine, IBS and skin problems, to name a few. The symptoms of a food intolerance usually occur several hours after eating the food.

As you are probably aware I eat a very clean, wholesome and healthy diet. I generally feel an amazing sense of well-being since eating this way the past 5 years. However, I thought it would be interesting to test myself for food intolerances just so I can be aware if I have any and then take that information and decide what to do with it.

The Pinner Test that I recently took analyzed my blood sample for food specific (IgG) reactions by MicroArray+ Technology. They make the entire process from start to finish simple and easy. They send a test kit straight to your doorstep. You simply prick your finger to draw a little blood (not painful at all – I barely felt it) and send the collected blood sample back to their labs. They even send you a pre-paid return package.

I was so excited upon receiving my test kit in the mail and was very interested to see if I had any food intolerances. I waited anxiously for my results and couldn’t wait to read them when they finally arrived in my inbox. Here are my intolerances:

  • coffee (+2 degree – moderate reaction)
  • gluten (+1 degree – low reaction)
  • cane sugar (+1 degree – low reaction)

Okay so I know what most of you are probably thinking – those are three of the best things in life – right!? Yea… so I was pretty upset to find out this information. However, knowledge is power and I am glad I know that my body is intolerant to these things.

I always knew my body does not react well to sugar. Any time I eat anything really sugary I get brain fog. For the past five years I usually only eat natural forms of sugar such as honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar. However, every now and then I enjoy a piece of cake at a birthday party or indulge in a dessert with my husband on date night. After eating a ton of sugar I do always feel an intense brain fog the following day.

Now onto the gluten intolerance… I actually removed gluten from my diet for about 3 weeks this past summer. I didn’t notice any difference so added gluten back into my diet. I was really surprised when I found out that I have an intolerance to gluten. I am sad about giving up gluten, but know there are so many amazing gluten-free granolas and breads on the market. I’ll also be sure to always buy certified gluten-free oats.

Okay… coffee… this one kills me! I’m so addicted to coffee – it’s one of my life’s greatest pleasures. Every morning I wake up and look forward to my hot cup of coffee. I love sipping on it throughout the morning while catching up on emails. I have never noticed any stomach issues after drinking coffee, so I was also really surprised and shocked that I have an intolerance to coffee. This one would definitely be the most difficult for me to give up.

So here is what I’ve decided to do with my new-found knowledge. I’m going to remove coffee, gluten and cane sugar from my diet completely for a month. I’ll use coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup so removing cane sugar from my diet seems simple. The only gluten I’ll miss is bread, but I have a paleo bread that I love so I’ll use that going forward. Lucky I also love brown rice pasta and lentil pasta. I’ll also remove coffee from my diet (for now).

I know this may not be easy, but I really want to see if I notice any difference internally or externally when I remove these things from my diet. I do have eczema so I’m curious to see if that will clear up. I’m going to have to cook my own meals since I never know what is in the food I’m eating if I’m out. There are many restaurants that do note that something in gluten-free so I know that will be safe, but I know I also need to be careful with sugar or gluten in sauces.

Pinner Test research shows that the majority of patients who alter their diet in accordance with their own test results show a significant improvement in their symptom(s) within three weeks. I wonder if I’ll notice a difference and will definitely keep you updated throughout this process!

If you want to see what your food intolerances are you can get $60 off of Pinner Test using code leahsplate.

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Thank you Pinner Test for sponsoring this post. It means so much to me to work with brands I love. All opinions are my own.

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