Happy Mother’s Day to all of the AMAZING mama’s! :)

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This is my second year being a mother on Mother’s Day and I soak up every moment of that.  I’ve come to realize that being a mother is the most challenging, yet rewarding job I’ve ever done. I love every moment of it and wouldn’t change a thing. Emma has taught me to be completely selfless and I can’t get enough of the unconditional love I have for her. She is my home and I am hers. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter where we are, but as long as we have each other we truly feel ‘at home’.

Emma is now almost 17 months old and it’s getting really FUN! She’s become my mini-me, sidekick and BFF. I love bringing her food shopping and on errands with me and watching her point with excitement. Watching the world through her eyes is a beautiful thing – it’s like I’m seeing everything for the first time again. There’s nothing I love more than taking her to our mommy and me class, music class, museums, library’s, parks, playdates etc. Being with her is the highlight of my day.

Sometimes I complain that she follows me around the house at all times and is always clinging on to my leg (hello I can’t even go to the bathroom alone), but I know one day she’ll be out playing with her friends or at school and I’ll miss those times. It’s certainly challenging to be a full-time blogger and full-time mom, but I try my best to find balance in the two. I work hard so I can give Emma the best life possible. It’ll be so exciting when she’s old enough to help me cook in the kitchen 🙂

To celebrate Mother’s Day today I simply want to be with my family. I want to disconnect from my phone and computer and ‘just be’. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see my mom today because she’s in New York, but I’m sending her the biggest virtual hug ever! I truly believe the way my mom raised me has made me the woman I am today and watching her with Emma truly melts my heart.

To all the AMAZING mama’s out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Lots of love to all of you!

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