How I healed my eczema naturally

How I healed my eczema naturally and holistically.

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I have been suffering from chronic severe eczema for almost 5 years. My eczema began almost immediately after the birth of my first child. Your body goes through a lot of changes after pregnancy. I also had to be put on antibiotics at the same time, which wreaks havoc on your gut, and in turn, can trigger eczema.

I tried for years to heal my eczema naturally and holistically. I definitely did not want to take the prescription steroid cream since I was breastfeeding, and then after that was pregnant again. It was incredibly frustrating that all of the ‘natural remedies’ I would find on google weren’t working for me. I eventually gave in and used prescription steroid cream, as I was going out of my mind. I was up all night itching and there was one point that my entire arm was covered in eczema from my shoulder to my finger tips. At the time, the steroid cream was the only thing that would help.

However, the steroid cream would clear up the eczema almost immediately, but as soon as I stopped using it the eczema would come right back. This was incredibly frustrating as I realized this was a chronic issue and not just acute. Knowing that I didn’t want to use steroid cream forever, I knew I had to dive really deep into this issue and do everything in my power to naturally heal my eczema.

Please know everything I list below took a lot of time. I did not see immediate results. I stuck with this routine DAILY and was 100% dedicated to healing my eczema. I truly believe a combination of EVERYTHING (not just one single thing) healed me. Everything I did was from my own research and what worked for ME. Please know I am NOT a doctor!! I’m just sharing what worked for me, in hopes that it can help you too 🙂

Everything that I link to below is the EXACT product I am using (and highly recommend).

Probiotics (in order to heal eczema, start with healing your gut)

  • capsule every morning about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast
  • gut shot (every day)
  • eating probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut (I add kraut and kimchi into my salads, sandwiches, etc whenever possible)
  • kombucha. I don’t drink this daily because of the sugar, but I do enjoy one as a treat once or twice a week when I’m really craving it! I try to stick with the less fruity flavors that are a bit lower in sugar.


  • This one came highly recommend to me from a holistic nutritionist. I take one per day.
  • eating prebiotic-rich foods like papaya, banana, garlic, onion, leeks, asparagus, oats and flaxseeds.

Omega 3’s

  • 1 tsp of cod liver oil every day
  • eating wild-caught seafood that is high in Omega 3’s

Bone broth

  • I buy Bonafide Provisions from the frozen aisle at Whole Foods. I enjoy 1 cup every afternoon. Bone broth is amazing for healing your gut and also contains collagen.

Glutamine this can help heal the muscle tissue to repair leaky gut. It also contains key amino acids for preventing inflammation in the gut.

Collagen powder can help to to repair the guts protective lining

  • I love the chocolate flavor and add it into my smoothies all of the time! You can also purchase unflavored to add into your coffee and you’d never taste it! Whatever collagen you buy, make sure it’s 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised.

Eliminate stress as much as possible as stress is directly linked to eczema

  • breathwork
  • meditating: Melissa Wood Health offers incredible guided meditations
  • CBD (code LEAH gets you a discount)

Eliminate any potential ‘trigger foods’ – most common causes are dairy and gluten. I tried eliminating both and I didn’t notice a difference, so this did not work for me. I also tried eliminating eggs and avocado after a food intolerance test showed I was intolerant to them, but that didn’t help either. However, I’m listing this advice here as I know it’s worked for so many people, so it could help you!

Switch to non-toxic cleaning and beauty products

  • I recommend Branch Basics (code prenatalhealth for a discount) and The Cleaner Soul for the best non-toxic cleaning products
  • I’m a huge fan of Cocokind for clean skincare
  • Target actually carries some amazing clean makeup brands!

Use products that are completely free & clear and have no fragrance. This goes for your body lotion, body wash / soap and even your face wash, shampoo and conditioner. I even use free and clear laundry detergent and dish soap.

Switching from a chlorine pool to a salt water pool. We just did this and it made a huge difference! This is the thing that made the biggest noticeable impact almost immediately.

Sunshine! Many people swear that direct sunlight has helped to clear up their eczema. I find sunscreen irritates my skin, so this is kind of a catch-22, lol.

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    1. Really? Bubbie’s sauerkraut is fermented and during the fermentation process, beneficial probiotics, or ‘live bacteria’, are produced. Where did you read that it doesn’t contain probiotics? So interested to know! xo

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