Jordyn’s non-toxic ‘big girl’ bed and & choosing the right organic mattress

naturepedic blog2 1024x682 - Jordyn's non-toxic 'big girl' bed and & choosing the right organic mattress

It’s that time… my baby has officially upgraded to a ‘big girl bed’. Jordyn turned 3 in May (still pinching myself that the ‘baby’ of the family is now 3). She has been very envious of her big sister’s big girl bed, and we felt like now was the right time to get her a big girl bed. We know she’s ready… About 6 months ago we transitioned Jordyn from a crib to a toddler bed, which was really just removing one side of the crib so she can get in and out herself. We had no issues and still no middle of the night visits from her, so we feel confident in our decision to get her a bed.

We decided to go with a full size bed, as I feel like she’ll get more years out of it than a twin size bed. Emma also has a full size bed and I felt it was a great decision. I know the girls will want to sleep with each other and this way they can both sleep in each other’s beds. I only let them sleep together on weekends for now – since they never sleep as well together.

naturepedic blog 3 1024x682 - Jordyn's non-toxic 'big girl' bed and & choosing the right organic mattress

Choosing the right bed, mattress and bedding was a big decision for me and I spent hours researching the best options. When I say this I’m referring to both comfort and everything being completely non-toxic. I ultimately went with a bed from Medley Home and a mattress from Naturepedic.

As many of you may be aware I am very conscious of not only the foods I eat and choose to feed my kids, but I also take an all-encompassing approach to healthy living. This means eating wholesome organic food, using clean non-toxic beauty and skincare products, non-toxic household cleaners, and I even am very selective about buying organic bedding, mattresses, towels, pillows etc.

We spend many hours of our lives in bed, so I truly believe it is so important to sleep on an organic non-toxic mattress, have organic pillows and organic bedding. We inhale the toxins that are so commonly found in most mattresses, pillows and bedding, which is why it’s so important to me to invest in ‘clean sleep’.

It’s scary for adults to inhale these toxic chemicals found in most mattresses, but even more scary and harmful for babies and children to be inhaling these chemicals. There are many harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory irritation or other health problems found in mattresses. Many of you are probably wondering what toxic chemicals are commonly found in mattresses. Well… let’s discuss.

Harmful chemicals found in most mattresses:

  • Mattresses release different types of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs
    • Phenol, a strong skin and respiratory irritant.
    • Mattresses are typically composed of polyurethane foam, a petroleum-derived synthetic material which can emit volatile organic compounds, or
    • Mattresses also contain adhesives and other chemical additives. The foam core is usually enveloped with a waterproof cover. These mattress components can release harmful VOCs, some of which can cause respiratory and nervous system damage
  • Flame retardant chemicals are linked to cancer, hormone disruption and adverse effects on the immune system.
  • or vinyl covers on mattresses can damage developing reproductive systems. PVC or vinyl are sources of phthalates–chemicals that affect the reproductive system.
  • Other chemicals, including linalool and limonene, are known fragrance allergens that can cause skin allergies.

Tip: I would throw away any mattress made before 2009 because it may contain toxic phthalates (unless you purchased an organic mattress that you’re sure doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins). Very unfortunately many mattress brands market themselves as ‘green’, ‘all-natural’, or ‘non-toxic’, yet it’s far from the truth. This is why you need to really do your research before investing in a mattress.

I can tell you that I did hours of research on truly non-toxic and organic mattresses and I ultimately landed on Naturepedic for Jordyn’s new mattress for her big girl bed (I got her a full). Emma also has a Naturepedic mattress that I got her about 3 years ago.I feel like I’m doing something so good for my kids by investing in an organic mattress for them that I’m sure isn’t made with any harmful toxins or chemicals. I can sleep soundly at night knowing my girls aren’t inhaling harmful toxins and chemicals while they sleep.

Here’s what to look for in a mattress:

  • No less than 95% certified organic content
  • No polyurethane foam
  • No added chemical flame retardants
  • Low-VOC certification
  • No added fragrances or antimicrobials
  • No PVC or vinyl

naturepedic blog 1024x682 - Jordyn's non-toxic 'big girl' bed and & choosing the right organic mattress

Below is what we got for Jordyn’s ‘big girl bed’:

I couldn’t recommend Naturepedic enough for a mattress. They have everything from crib mattresses to king size. They also make pillows, sheets and more. I’m SO excited that they gave me a special discount code for you guys to use: leahsplate15 for 15% off! Enjoy!

As for non-toxic furniture I’m obsessed with Medley Home.Jordyn is SO happy with her big girl bed. Me, Josh and Emma love snuggling in there with her and I might just have to have a little slumber party with her one night 🙂

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