Stuff from Amazon that’s keeping my kids busy this summer at home

img?v=2 - Stuff from Amazon that's keeping my kids busy this summer at home
magna tiles! these keep my kids busy forever
stamp set! what kid doesn’t love stamps
letter puzzles! great for learning the alphabet
rhinestone stickers! always great for arts n crafts
crystals! scatter these throughout rocks outside your house and let the kids find them
sink! favorite purchase of the summer. my kids are obsessed!
art organizer. okay so this one was for me, lol!
art set. comes with everything you could ever want
design your own jewelry. Emma loves making something for all her friends
art easel. we keep this outside for painting and the girls love it!
sidewalk chalk. always a goodie
non-toxic play dough. no words needed. what kid doesn’t love this?!
letter beads. always fun for jewelry making and learning their letters
non-toxic finger paint. always fun if you don’t mind a mess!

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