Loving Lately – October 2021

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I recently discovered this clean naked seed protein powder from Naked Nutrition and the only ingredients are: organic pumpkin seed protein, sunflower seed protein, watermelon seed protein, and organic chia seed protein. This amazing seed-only protein powder is 100% plant-based and has a superior amino acid profile (thanks to 4 different protein sources) that supports muscle growth and workout recovery. I love that it’s GMO-free (that certification is huge to me)! I also love that there’s no additives or artificial sweeteners.

Another product I’m loving from Naked Nutrition is their organic fiber supplement. In addition to using their protein powder in my smoothie I also had in the fiber supplement. Getting fiber is so important for your gut health and digestion and most Americans do not get enough fiber. This organic naked fiber only contains one ingredient: naturally dehydrated pulp of baobab, a fiber-rich fruit from Southern Africa.

I’m loving these shorts for my workouts – I found them on Amazon and they’re under $20! Super comfy and flattering.

Obsessed with this healthier graham cracker alternative from Simple Mills that tastes delicious!

Arrae ‘Bloat’ – works wonders for eliminating bloating! I take this right after eating a big meal, or any time I’m feeling bloated. Use code Leahsplate10 for a discount.

This is the BEST Vitamin D supplement on the market in my opinion. It contains 5,000 IU of Vitamin D in just one pill. Did you know that most Americans are deficient in this vitamin? It’s one of the most important vitamins to support a healthy immune system – which is crucial these days! Use code LEAH10 for 10% off all first-time supplement purchases.

Speaking of immune support: I highly recommend this immune support supplement.  This formula combines two cutting-edge bioactives (quercetin phytosome + beta-glucan) plus vitamin C, vitamin D3 +& zinc bisglycinate clinically shown to help strengthen your body’s natural defenses. Use code LEAH10 for 10% off all first-time supplement purchases.

I just invested in this 100% organic certified, natural latex mattress topper from Brentwood Home. It’s SO soft and comfortable. This topper is as pure and green as it gets! They’re able to keep their prices so affordable because they own the factories and the farms – so cool!

These black leggings are definitely the most flattering! I love that they’re high waisted too and have been wearing them for my workouts.

I’ve been loving my morning matcha and my favorite matcha is from Pique Tea. I’ve done my research on matcha and this is definitely the cleanest and purest one I’ve found. It’s the first matcha that’s quadruple toxin screened for purity. I love that there’s no added preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners – the only ingredient is organic matcha. Use code leahsplate for a discount.

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