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If you haven’t noticed, I am VERY into superfoods and incorporating them into my daily meals. One of my favorite superfoods is maca. My friends often ask me why I love this superfood so much and what it has done for me. I will break it down below as well as giving you some links to great recipes that use maca.

maca - Magical Maca

What is maca?

  • The maca root originates from Peru, where is has been used for thousands of years.

What does maca taste like?

  • Maca has a nutty caramel/butterscotch flavor. I personally like the flavor, but if you aren’t a fan it can be well-masked in a smoothie if adding fruit and other strongly flavored ingredients.

What are the health benefits of maca?

  • Maca is known to increase fertility in both men and women by balancing hormones, increasing libido, increasing sperm count and volume, and can help treat erectile disfunction.
  • Maca acts as a caffeine-free energizer and helps to maintain stamina and endurance.
  • It is an ‘adaptogen’, which means it has the ability to give energy and balance during times of added pressure.
  • Maca is high in nutritional value because it contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and many other important minerals. It is also loaded with amino acids as well as fiber and essential fatty acids.

Ways to incorporate maca into your meals:

  • Add it into your overnight oat mixture (also amazing mixed into regular hot oats)
  • Add it into your smoothie
  • Add it into your chia pudding
  • Add it into your pancake or waffle mix
  • Add it into any of your baking recipes

Some of my favorite recipes that I’ve tried and loved that use maca as an ingredient are below:

  • Creamy Vanilla Maca Oatmeal
  • Raspberry Coconut Porridge
  • Kale Protein Smoothie
  • Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl
  • Raspberry Chia Pudding
  • Banana Buckwheat Pancakes
  • Maca Fertility Smoothie
  • Maca Blondies

You can purchase maca powder at Whole Foods, or online. Just make sure you always buy certified organic maca powder. Maca should be the only ingredient!

I highly recommend you invest in this amazing superfood. It is worth every penny and a little bit goes a long way (1 tsp per serving), so it will last you a while. I truly felt a difference after a few days of incorporating maca into my meals. I had more energy and endurance, and definitely believe that it made me more fertile because I got pregnant as soon as I started trying! 🙂

maca powder - Magical Maca

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