My Morning Skincare Routine: Favorite Non-Toxic Products

Today I want to chat about my morning skincare routine and my favorite non-toxic skincare products that I use on my face for daytime. I use different products in the morning and nighttime, so I wanted to share just my morning skincare routine with you today. Tomorrow I’ll share my nighttime skincare routine, so look out for that post!

I am really happy with my current skincare routine so I wanted to share it with you! Not only do I love the way my skin feels, I’m also feeling so good about the transition I’ve made to non-toxic skincare products since our skin soaks up the products we put on it. It feels so good to know I’m nourishing my skin with chemical-free and non-toxic products. I read the ingredients in all of my products very closely, because some companies claim to be ‘all-natural’ but you need to be careful with that label. Read the ingredients on not only what food you’re putting into your body, but also in what products you’re putting ON your body.

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Facial Cleansers:

Let’s begin with my favorite cleansers for daytime. Upon waking up in the morning I wash my face. Lately I have been loving Summer Fridays amino gel cleanser as well as Goop cleanser. I switch off between two different cleansers.


Face Moisturizer:

After washing my face I apply a moisturizer. At night I also use an oil, but I find it’s too much for me during the day. I’m a huge fan of Cocokind Matcha Moisturizer and. Both leave my skin feeling soft, moisturized and nourished with amazing ingredients. None of these products have ever caused breakouts for me. Another product I love is Zoe Organics everything balm. I use this as more of a spot treatment on an area that is particularly dry. You can use it under  your eyes or on your lips too! It’s an amazing and versatile product and safe enough to use on babies.


Eye Creams:

After applying my moisturizer I use an eye cream. I love Farmacy Beauty ‘Cheer Up’ Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream for daytime, which really brightens the skin around my eyes. This cream doubles as an eye cream and under-eye makeup. I also love applying the Cocokind Skincare Matcha All-Over Moisture Stick under my eyes (not with the tinted eye cream – I pick one or the other depending on the day). I truly find that the matcha stick reduces puffiness. This matcha stick is so versatile – you can use it on your lips as well! Another eye cream that I highly recommend is Avalon Organics intense defense with Vitamin C eye cream. It smooths, brightens and revitalizes my eyes and I truly notice a difference after using this product!



I dab some coconut oil on my lips to keep them moisturized, but I also always carry a few different chapsticks and lip balms in my bag. Three of my favorites are Farmacy lip bloom, Raw Elements herbal rescue and Primally Pure tinted lip balm. I used to suffer from dry and chapped lips my entire life and now swear by these products!


Tonics, sprays, mists & elixirs:

I love Raw Elements revitalizing skin tonic and sometimes use it underneath my moisturizer. I feel like I’m at a spa after using this product. Throughout the day I love to freshen up my face with Osea Malibu sea minerals misting spray. It leaves me feeling so refreshed and brightens my complexion. I always keep it in my bag and probably use it 2 – 3 times throughout the day. Another elixir that I love is Organic Doctor organic virgin coconut oil hydrating radiance elixir – it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished.



If I’ll be spending any time outside I always apply some sunscreen over my moisturizer. I love Farmacy ‘green screen’ sunscreen (with SPF 30), Raw Elements tinted facial moisturizer (water resistance with SPF 30) as well as Cocokind sunscreen.


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