My Healthy Pregnancy Essentials

Since this is my second pregnancy, I wanted to share my favorite things and essential items for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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For basics I eat tons of fruits and veggies. I also make sure I get an adequate amount of protein both from plant-based sources and fish/eggs/poultry/meat. Healthy fat is also super important and my favorite healthy fats are walnuts (for brain development), brazil nuts, almond butter/peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and ghee.

Bone broth with 1 tsp of ghee has been my favorite to sip on in the afternoon. Bone broth is rich in collagen and minerals that support the immune system. It’s so important to have a strong immune system during pregnancy to help fight off colds since you want to avoid taking meds.

Other food essentials are The Coconut Cult probiotic coconut yogurt for a daily dose of probiotics. I’ll eat a spoonful alone or add a spoonful on top of my smoothie or oatmeal.

I love Elemental Superfood Bars and Thunderbird Bars to snack on. I always keep a healthy bar in my bag because when I get hungry it happens fast and this ensures I always have something healthy to snack on asap.


Garden of Life prenatal vitamins – simply the best! It’s certified organic and it contains ginger and lemon to help fight nausea. I prefer the ones that you only have to take once per day (I personally can’t remember to take a pill 3 times per day – but if you can then definitely look into that one as well) This prenatal contains all your daily folate needs. I also use Garden of life prenatal DHA for all of my DHA needs. I also love The Honest Company prenatal DHA vitamin.

Natural Products:

I’m OBSESSED with Cocokind Skincare for natural products! I love the organic chia facial oil as my face moisturizer and use their body butter as an all-over body moisturizer and on my tummy to help prevent stretch marks. I also love the chlorophyll face mask – the ingredients in the mask are so natural you could actually eat it! On my lips and cheekbones I use the macabeet stick which gives me a pretty and natural glow!

In addition to the Cocokind body butter I also love using pure coconut oil as a body moisturizer.

Holly’s Keeping it Real Deodorant the BEST natural deodorant and the only one that actually really works!

For my hair I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Living Libations Organic Seabuckthorn Shampoo – made of the purest, natural ingredients and also leaves my hair smelling amazing. I’m also a fan of Avalon Organics Shampoo/Conditioner

Zoe Organics makes the best belly butter and belly oil – I apply a generous amount all over my belly after I shower to help prevent itching and stretch marks.

I’ll only use nail polish that’s free of formaldehyde and other ‘yuckies’ – my four favorite clean nail polishes are Dr.’s Remdy , Sunday’s, Olive & June, and TenOverTen

Maternity Clothes: 

Beyond Yoga for all my comfy leggings and tanks perfect for yoga or getting your sweat on 🙂

Hatch it’s definitely more expensive, but I invested in a few really nice basic pieces that I live in!

Gap Body (in the maternity section) – the most comfortable bras.

Target for some inexpensive, but great basics – I stocked up on leggings and tanks!


I’ve been getting up almost every morning and walking about 2 miles while listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Prenatal pilates is also great. I also love yoga (just modify some poses) as well as swimming. I also try to do some deep stretches every morning.


I’ve been trying to spend about an hour a day just RELAXING! I finally got back into reading and these are the current books I’d like to get through before the baby is born:

The Happiest Baby on the Block – I read this book when I was pregnant with Emma and it helped SO MUCH with calming and soothing her as an infant. I’m reading it again to refresh my memory.

Baby Wise because we all need to get our sleep!!

Bringing up Bebe someone recommended I read this book – will let you know my thoughts when I finish it!


I love NaturAli’s carefully curated box that gets delivered to your doorstep each trimester with full-sized products for a happy and healthy pregnancy. All of the products are clean and natural. Each trimester has different products appropriate for that time of your pregnancy. Also it’s fun receiving a little gift at your doorstep the beginning of each trimester.

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