My obsession with Sakara (+ a special discount for you guys)!!

Why I love Sakara’s organic plant-based meal delivery + a discount code! 

sakara p 683x1024 - My obsession with Sakara (+ a special discount for you guys)!!

If you follow along on Instagram and Instagram stories then you’d know that I have been ordering Sakara meals at least one week per month. To be honest I wish I could afford to have them every day of the month haha. They truly simplify my life by making my life easy and convenient. As you know I have two children: a 2 and 4 year old. Plus I work (feeling so grateful that this blog has turned into my work and I’m able to make money doing something I’m so passionate about). There are some days that I am just way too busy to cook. However, I never want to sacrifice healthy food on nights that I need something quick and convenient. Eating healthy, whole foods that are organic are a top priority to me.

sakara 768x1024 - My obsession with Sakara (+ a special discount for you guys)!!

I’ve looked into SOOO many meal delivery services and until I found Sakara I had yet to find one that met all of the high standards that I have. Any company that delivered fully cooked and ready-to-eat meals weren’t organic. Eating organic is very important to me and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t find a company that delivered ready-to-eat meals that were organic. All of the ‘healthy’ meal delivery services weren’t organic and I definitely am not down with eating red meat that is not 100% grass-fed and chicken that is not pasture-raised and organic. I also didn’t like that the vegetables weren’t organic. I even tried some of those meal delivery services and to be honest I didn’t love the taste. I always end up saying ‘this is fine’. However, we shouldn’t settle with ‘fine’, especially when we’re spending our hard-earned money on it.

sakara2 768x1024 - My obsession with Sakara (+ a special discount for you guys)!!

Then I found organic meal delivery services like Sun Basket, which I LOVE, but the downside is that I have to cook the meals. Some nights I’m totally down for that (like a Saturday night at-home date night with Josh), but on a hectic weeknight with two little kids hanging at my leg it’s not ideal to have to cook a meal that takes upward of 25 – 40 minutes. Just to be clear: I love Sun Basket and would 100% order from them again. I am just saying it doesn’t have the convenience factor that Sakara has. Sun Basket is perfect for when I do want to spend time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Now let’s get back to Sakara. I discovered Sakara about two years ago. I tried one of their 5 day programs and immediately became obsessed. The meals are organic and fully plant-based / vegan. They’re also completely gluten-free and dairy-free. There’s NO cooking involved and NO cleanup. It seemed too good to be true. I thought, they must not be that good or they probably taste like packaged food. I was SO pleasantly surprised at how delicious all of the meals were. There was not one meal that I didn’t love. Sakara comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus probiotics and detox tea to take daily.

You can customize how many days you’re doing it by choosing from as short as just two or three days, or ordering for longer like 5 days or 10 days. You can even get a subscription (which is now what I have) so you can enjoy the meals every day (you can skip as many weeks as you want). The benefit to having a subscription is that all of your meals are discounted. If Sakara is something you’re looking to incorporate into your life long-term and more than one week per month, then I recommend looking into the subscription. You can also cancel at any time. If you’re not so sure yet then just try a 2, 3 or 5 day meal delivery. Or you can do what I used to do and just order a 5 day meal delivery one week per month.

For the past 6 months I’ve religiously ordered the 5 day Sakara meals at least one week per month. The week that I’m eating the Sakara lifestyle I truly have never felt better. I have more energy, sleep better, have no brain fog, no bloat and overall feel amazing. I also love that I take a break from gluten, dairy, fish, eggs and meat for a week. I don’t know if I will ever be 100% ‘vegan’, but I do know that I love being vegan for one week per month and Sakara helps make that so easy for me. Not only are all of the Sakara meals 100% organic, vegan & plant-based, but they’re also gluten-free and dairy-free. I think taking a break from dairy and gluten for a few days is always a good idea.

Each and every meal contains enough protein, fat, fiber and nutrients that are essential. The meals leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s true. My skin is clear and glowing after just a few days eating Sakara meals.

FAQ about Sakara:

Do you feel full and satisfied after the meals? YES! At first I thought that I wouldn’t feel completely satisfied after the meals since they didn’t contain meat and I am so used to adding eggs, fish, chicken and beef to many of my meals as my protein source. However, Sakara ensures that each and every meal contains enough plant-based protein that your body needs. I’ve never felt hungry or not satisfied after a meal, but if I do want a snack I have always been encouraged by the Sakara team to enjoy something from their ‘Clean Pantry’ or I can snack on some fresh fruit or veggies with hummus. I am obsessed with the Chia Tortilla Strips from their Clean Boutique and often dip those in hummus and guacamole as a delicious snack. So the answer is: some days I don’t need to snack at all and feel 100% satisfied and other days I listen to my hunger and if I feel I need a snack I just choose something organic and plant-based.

Do you have a discount code for Sakara? YES! My code is XOLEAH to receive 20% off your first meal program, 10 day reset or clean boutique purchase.

What are you favorites from the Clean Boutique? I am obsessed with the super powder, which is plant protein and greens! On weeks that I’m not eating Sakara meals I love making a smoothie using this powder and I feel good knowing it’s packed with the cleanest plant-based protein plus all the greens I could ever need! I love that it has spirulina in it, which is one of my favorite superfoods. My favorite smoothie to make with it is: coconut milk, coconut butter, flax, frozen mango, frozen banana, spinach and of course the Sakara plant protein greens powder. Other favorites from the Clean Boutique: The Foundation which is all the the essential vitamins you could ever need (all bioavailable, medical grade and plant-based). The Beauty Super Bar and Detox Bar are both also SO delish and is a great snack to enjoy any time! I always keep one in my bag for a clean on-the-go option. The plant protein granola is definitely one of my go-to granolas in my pantry. Last but not least, the chia tortillas are so great and definitely another pantry staple of mine.

What is the best Sakara meal you ever had? Oh man that’s a tough one. I guess if I had to choose one it would be one of the pasta dishes – the pastas are always SOO SOO good! However, their baked goods (which are served for breakfast often are all incredible). I’ve also never had a better salad than the ones from Sakara – all of their salad dressings make me want to lick the bowl clean after, lol. Oh – another favorite – the waffles – such a fan!!

It’s SO expensive!! Do you truly think it’s worth the $$? I know the meals come with a big price tag, but to me the best investment that we can make is in our health. I honestly prefer to spend my money on organic, high quality incredible meals that nourish my body over another shirt. Keep in mind that organic food is often more expensive than conventional, so part of what you’re paying for is high quality organic food. I also think about time. Time is money, right? For me to have an extra few hours to spend on my work instead of cooking each week is golden. Another thing about time – while we’re on that topic. Time spent with my children – I’m talking QUALITY time where I’m not distracted with cooking or anything else is so valuable to me. When I cook dinner I stick them in front of the TV for an hour, but when I have my Sakara meals I can actually give them my time and attention. I still have to make them dinner, but they’re so easy and simple with what they want to eat. I’ll admit I’m a lot more complicated and picky when it comes to food. I like a gourmet meal every night, lol. Also, think about all the time and energy you spend on meal planning and grocery shopping. Sakara takes that all out of the equation. Again, I enjoy grocery shopping and cooking, but it’s so nice to give myself a break from that one week per month. Also, use my code XOLEAH to save 20% off your Sakara order, which will help bring down the cost!

sakara3 768x1024 - My obsession with Sakara (+ a special discount for you guys)!!

Use code XOLEAH for 20% off your first Sakara meal delivery, 10 day reset or any clean boutique purchase!

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