My Sick Day Essentials (Natural Remedies)

The past couple of days I haven’t been feeling 100%. I’ve had a sore throat at night and feel a cold coming on. The moment I begin feeling this way I pull out all my natural remedies for kicking a cold and boosting my immune system.

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SLEEP/REST: The most important thing is REST!! I always aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. I’m a baby when it comes to sleep and I really need my 8 hours of sleep. If I can’t get 8 I can do okay on 7 hours of sleep, but the next night my body needs to catch up or I try to take a nap. Anything under 7 hours of sleep and I’m a cranky, moody person. I make sleep a priority by getting in bed by 9pm and it’s lights out by 10pm. If I feel run down or like I’m getting sick (like this week) I try to rest more than usual and turn down social commitments that aren’t really important to me – nothing is more important than my health and wellbeing.

ELDERBERRY: I take elderberry syrup every day during the winter months / flu season. If I feel like I’m getting sick another time of year I add it into my diet for a week or two until I’m feeling better. Right now I take a shot of this elderberry syrup every morning and give these elderberry gummies to my kids. Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. Elderberry syrup can help to prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.

OIL OF OREGANO: The moment I feel like I’m getting sick I add 6 drops of this oil of oregano into a large glass of water.

MANUKA HONEY: I love taking a spoonful of manuka honey to help ease a sore throat or cough. It has such a soothing effect. I also add a spoonful of manuka honey in my tea or in a glass of warm water when I have a sore throat or cough. Manuka honey also has antibacterial properties!

MANUKA HONEY DROPS: While on the topic of manuka honey I had to include these manuka honey drops (I love the ones with echinacea and also the ones with eucalyptus. They’re incredibly soothing and also taste delicious!

PROPOLIS AND MONOFLORAL MANUKA HONEY THROAT SPRAY: When I have a sore throat or cold (even the moment I feel a cold coming on) I spray this propolis throat spray into the back of my throat (3 sprays). It coats the throat for a soothing effect and offers immune support with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

HERBAL TEA: I sip on tea all day long when I am not feeling well. The warm water is so soothing. My favorite teas are this ‘Throat Coat‘, ‘Breathe Easy‘, and ‘Echinacea Plus

NATURAL COUGH SYRUP: I take a large spoonful of this nighttime cough syrup before bed and use the mucus cough syrup for during the day. This syrup is completely natural and drug-free and uses whole food ingredients that help to support the immune system. I also give my kids the children’s cough syrup.

VAPOR RUB: I use this all natural vapor rub on my chest, upper back and bottom of feet before bed and it truly helps me breathe. It’s so soothing with eucalyptus and peppermint. I use this ‘baby chest rub‘ on my kids.

PROBIOTICS: I don’t take probiotics every single day, but probably about once to twice per week. When I am sick I take one every day and recommend this probiotic which supports the immune system and digestive health.

I hope that was helpful and informative. I’d love if you shared your natural sick day remedies in the comments on this post! Thanks guys! xx

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