My Top Picks for Truly Clean Snack Bars

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I try to keep my snacks as clean as possible. Many granola and snack bars claim to be healthy, but if you take the time to read the ingredients, they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. I live by the philosophy, “count chemicals, not calories.” My rule of thumb is that you should know what each ingredient is and it should be a whole food. Snack bars should have a minimal amount of ingredients to ensure they aren’t over-processed. I go for non-GMO and mostly organic options. Below are my top picks for truly clean snack bars. I wanted to keep this list to under 10, so there are a few bars that I love and may have left out of here.

Larabar: The ingredients are simple and minimal, such as dates, nuts and usually only one or two other whole fruits.

Go Raw Bars: My favorite flavors are the banana bread and apricot. This bar is sprouted for optimal nutrition.

Purely Elizabeth grain-free granola bars are SO good! They’re low in sugar and are amazing if you love a good crunch!

Elemental Superfood I love the consistency and flavor of these bars and they’re packed with superfoods.

Simple Mills my kids love these and so do I! Made with simple, clean ingredients.

Primal Kitchen I love this for a low sugar/carb bar that’s high in protein and tastes amazing!

Bulletproof these are great if you’re looking for a low sugar, high fat option – healthy fats of course!

GoMacro Bar: My favorite flavor is the “sweet rejuvenation” – I love the creamy texture and flavor from the cashew butter!

Wise Bar I love that these are infused with CBD, which helps keep me calm on an extra stressful day. There is no THC so they will not get you high. They’re made with whole food superfood ingredients!


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