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I get so many requests to link products that you guys see in my Instagram stories, so I figured it would be easiest to include it all in a post! I’ll try to do this at the end of each week with all the requests I received – do you guys like this idea? xx

Family room couch… so cozy…

Family room rug – such a statement in any room! Warning: it sheds A LOT at first, but after vacuuming it a few times it’s not shedding so much anymore.

My sunglasses – I own two pairs that I rotate between. These Ray Ban’s and these from Warby Parker.

Workout outfits: these black leggings are my favorite – I actually own 2 pairs of the same ones because I’m so obsessed with them and wear them every day! They are incredibly lightweight and so comfortable! I also recently purchased these black and white leggings and these camo leggings! I just bought this sports bra / top and so many of you messaged me that you love it – makes me happy!

The incredible organic coffee that I brew at home every morning! It’s SO important to buy organic coffee since it’s one of the most heavily sprayed with chemicals!! I place my orders online and their customer services is so great! Many of you think I get my food for free from brands, but that’s not the case. I love supporting companies like this that I believe in!!

Those were the products you guys requested that I link to from this past week!! If I get some more requests this coming week I’ll post them next weekend.

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