Quarantine Amazon Finds for Kids!

quarantine 768x1024 - Quarantine Amazon Finds for Kids!

We’re now well into week 4 of our stay-at-home quarantine and I’m doing everything I can to keep my kids happy and busy! For those of you who are new here: Emma is 4 and Jordyn will be 2 next month!

Since I don’t want to leave the house I’ve been ordering SO MUCH on Amazon! This isn’t sponsored by Amazon by the way!!! I just have a slight obsession haha. Since I’ve found so many great things to keep my keeps busy I figured I’d share with my follow parents!!

Arts & Crafts:

  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors for kids – Emma’s teacher recommended this brand and we love them! She cuts things out and then I have her glue them on paper as a project.
  • Art case coloring set – these comes with crayons, colored pencils, markers – anything you could ever want and it’s all perfectly organized!
  • Kids disposable gloves (for painting – less mess) and I figure I’ll use these when we can eventually go out again – I’ll have them wear these gloves in parks / playgrounds. These are also great for them to wear if you want them to help with gardening!
  • Something to organize our art supplies!
  • This design your own bracelet set was so much fun for Emma. She made one for herself and it came with additional ones that she made for her friends (and will give to them when she eventually sees them again 🙁
  • Both kids love doing art and we are all obsessed with this easel!
  • Finger painting is always so fun! We love this vegan/organic/non-toxic finger paint since Jordyn always wants to taste everything LOL! I always time our finger painting right before the bath!
  • We have this paint for fun paint projects! I love how many colors it comes with!
  • We love this jewelry making kit!


  • We love these foam golf balls. The girls throw them around and I don’t worry about them hurting anyone or breaking anything since they’re super small and soft
  • Good behavior responsibility chart – this helps hold Emma accountable and hoping it somewhat gives her some structure that we do this every day.
  • Non-toxic Playdough
  • Jordyn is too young for this, but Emma is just getting into board games and our first purchase was CandyLand!

Books!! My kids love reading and I really enjoy reading to them!


  • Sidewalk chalk is ALWAYS a win!
  • The girls love using this watering can to help me water the plants outside
  • This slide was one of the best purchases I ever made! My kids play on it forever! You can also use it indoors!
  • This water table was also an amazing purchase! My kids have so much fun playing with it outside! We do this right before bath time since they’re soaking wet after.
  • This basketball hoop set is also great entertainment for the girls!
  • BUBBLES!! What kid doesn’t love running around popping bubbles?!
  • We can spend so much time playing with this splash pad on a hot afternoon!
  • I underestimated how much my kids love just simply throwing a ball around.
  • The girls love riding their scooter on the sidewalk in front of our house and in the backyard. Everyone recommended this brand! Emma chose the color blue!
  • Jordyn loves her little toddler bike – although she can’t ride it so well herself and it requires LOTS of hands on from me.
  • If you’re able to go on stroller walks we have this double stroller as well as this one! The UPPAbaby one is easier to push and walk with, but my girls prefer being side by side in the first one I linked!
  • Both kids LOVE this flower water sprinkler and have so much fun splashing around in it!

quarantine 2 768x1024 - Quarantine Amazon Finds for Kids!


  • Since we’re home all of the time now I invested in super soft, cozy pajamas for my girls and am obsessed with these! I let them each pick which color they liked best!
  • My girls also have these organic pajamas and love that they have the same ones so they match! Matching is their favorite 🙂

Snacks!! I was able to get all of my kids favorite non-perishable snacks on Amazon:

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