My experience with Splendid Spoon’s plant-based meals

I recently had the pleasure of getting to sample plant-based meals from Splendid Spoon. I didn’t realize what a large variety of meals they had. They offer everything from wellness shots, to smoothies, to soups and bowls. All of their meals are healthy and nutritious, so it’s a really great way for me to have already-made healthy meals at my finger tips. This is especially helpful on days that I’m too busy to cook. Splendid Spoon really takes the work out of eating healthy. For this reason I keep my freezer stocked with their bowls.

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It’s difficult to find meals that not only I like, but also my husband and kids like. I was so pleasantly surprised that my husband and kids were able to find meals they loved from Splendid Spoon as well. My kids both loved the smoothies and my husband loved the smoothies and noodle bowls.

So here’s the deal with Splendid Spoon… the meals are delivered straight to your doorstep (chilled) and some are ready to consume right away (the wellness shots and smoothies) and anything else like the bowls and soups can quickly be heated up in 5 minutes.

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I love that I’m able to customize my meals. Some weeks I’m craving more smoothies, like the summer months, and other weeks I love the hot bowls and soups (winter months). However, most weeks I love a combination of the wellness shots, smoothies, soups and bowls.

All of Splendid Spoon’s meals are plant-based and gluten-free. This is really great for people who may have some common food allergens like dairy, gluten or eggs – you can relax knowing that known of that is in any of your meals. I also love the fact that all the meals are low in both sugar and sodium. I definitely am very conscious of my sugar consumption, so this was a huge selling point for me.

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Now let’s get into how delicious these meals were. Every single meal I tried was truly so good, but I want to share my personal favorites in each category:

  • Wellness shot: I love the digestion shot, because digestion is something I’ve struggled with for a few years. Anything that can help benefit my digestion is greatly welcomed by me 🙂  The digestion shot contains apple cider vinegar and turmeric and I definitely notice better digestion and less bloating on the days that I take this shot.
  • Smoothie: okay so I can’t pick one here because I equally am most obsessed with both the raspberry cacao smoothie and the AB&J smoothie. Another obsession that I just have to shout out is the mint chip smoothie. I noticed that most of the smoothies have superfoods in them which is a great bonus. I love enjoying a smoothie for breakfast, or even as a snack; or post-workout meal. I love that on their website they note which smoothies have a thicker texture. I personally prefer a smoothie with a thicker texture, so I definitely gravitate towards those. However, if you prefer it less thick you can go that route as well.
  • Grain bowl: my personal favorite is the brown rice taco bowl. I LOVE Mexican food, so this hit the spot for me.
  • Noodle bowl: again I have two favorites here that I just can’t choose between. They are very different though… I loved the red curry noodles with sweet potatoes and Thai basil. I love Indian food and Thai food, so this meal was definitely a winner for me. The flavors were rich and flavorful. My other favorite noodle bowl was the kale pesto noodles with roasted tomatoes and plant-based parmesan. This one definitely satisfied my pasta craving.
  • Soup: I love a good minestrone soup, so naturally I gravitated towards the garden minestrone soup. This soup was comforting and delicious, plus it’s packed with vegetables.

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Definitely let me know if you end up ordering meals from Splendid Spoon. I’d love to know what your personal favorites are. I know you’ll be obsessed with both how delicious the meals are and how convenient they are!

Thanks to Splendid Spoon for partnering on this post!

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