Sunday Things… 11.6.16

Sunday Things 11.6.16 683x1024 - Sunday Things... 11.6.16

Hey babes happy Sunday! This time change has me so thrown off!! Josh and I had a wedding on South Beach last night and it was such a fun night out!! They even had a delicious vegan cake (I’m not vegan but am a sucker for vegan food). Today I’m off to hot kickboxing then heading to my fave place in the world (Whole Foods) for a big shop followed by lots of meal prep for the week. I love roasting and steaming a ton of veggies on Sundays to have for the week. I also make a huge batch of brown rice and overnight oats.

Check out my favorite finds from around the internet this week:

Loving this guide to Austin – some great recs!

These flourless paleo chocolate almond butter cookies look DELISH!

How cute are these vegan maple-spiced sweet potato pots?!

This article on living well in Portland, OR makes me want to hop on the next plane to Portland!

How amazing are these leggings?!

I just bought this top and it’s the comfiest ever!

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