Sunday Things… 12.13.15

Sunday morning pancakes Leahs Plate 1024x683 - Sunday Things... 12.13.15

Happy Sunday! I’m currently enjoying some homemade apple oatmeal pancakes (pictured above) – I’ll post the recipe for it this week!

In case you were wondering… nope… still no baby!! I don’t know why I thought she would come by now; but I did. However, my due date isn’t until December 21st, so I don’t know why I thought that. I just always had a feeling I would have her a week or two early. Now I am starting to think she is just so happy in there and may even be late!! Anyway, I am truly trying to enjoy these last few days of it just being my husband and I. I am wrapping up any projects I’m working on and in complete “nesting” mode!

Below is my roundup of finds from around the internet this week:

In the food/health world:

In the travel world:

  • This is a great guide to Cabo – the Goop travel guides are my favorite and most trusted!
  • I went to Mykonos a few years ago, but this guide definitely makes me want to return very soon!

In other news:

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