Sunday Things… 4.10.16

Sunday Morning Leahs Plate - Sunday Things... 4.10.16

Hi loves & happy Sunday!!

How was everyone’s weekend? The photo above was just taken this morning. Emma usually sleeps until 9am (I know I’m sooo lucky). Anyway, she chose a  Sunday to decide to wake up at 6:15am for the day (thanks baby). Since my house was up bright and early, we decided to go to Raw Juce for breakfast. Emma was thrilled to be out and about, haha. I had the yummiest acai bowl!

I got to go to yoga on Saturday and and today am going to kickboxing, so I’m feeling great! It’s so much harder to find time to get workouts in with a baby, so I try to take advantage of my husband being home on the weekends and get my butt to a gym class!

I hope you enjoy my favorite finds from around the internet this week:

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