Sunday Things… 5.20.18

Rainy Day 1024x683 - Sunday Things... 5.20.18

Hii loves, here I am, still no baby! I’ll be 40 weeks on Friday so it could literally happen any second at this point! I went into labor with Emma at 39 weeks, so definitely thought it would happen by now! I began getting mild contractions yesterday, but definitely not real labor contractions. However, hopefully that means something will happen soon! I’m trying to be patient, relax and hang out with Emma as much as possible before this baby arrives. However, I’m just SOOO excited to meet this little munchkin that it’s hard to keep my mind off of it. We’ve had the rainiest, gloomiest weather here this weekend, but I’m embracing it by being cozy at home for the most part other than heading out yesterday for a mani/pedi followed by lunch with my mama. I hope you all have a nice Sunday!

Here are my favorite finds from this week:

Loving this ‘flat belly smoothie‘ recipe! It just looks so refreshing!!

This healthy paleo no-bake cookie dough – NEEEED!!!

Have you made my easy cinnamon cashew milk yet? It’s soooo good!

I’ll take one of these breakfast burritos please!

Loving this Alo workout tank – buying it now for one day when I maybe have a flat tummy again! It’ll be good motivation haha!

Obsessed with this rib tank dress! Perfect on it’s own or throw a jean jacket over it for a more casual look!

Love love loveeeee this black dress & love the low price point even more!

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