Sunday Things… 6.16.19

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Hi friends!! Wishing all the fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day!!

Here are my favorite finds from this week:

On the top of my list of places I SOO want to travel to: Sydney! Loving this guide.

I couldn’t think of a better day of the year to make this paleo sweet potato carrot cake

So obsessed with these shakshuka sweet potatoes! I made them this week and they were delicious!

The ultimate guide to Santa Barbara. WISH I could vacation there right now.

I made this gluten free chicken parm with spaghetti squash for dinner the other night and it was fantastic! Highly recommend!!

LOVE these tips and tricks for making perfect pancakes!

I’m not pregnant, but this article on nutrition during pregnancy is fantastic!!

Have you made my peanut butter cup smoothie bowl? It’s one of my favorites!

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