Sunday Things… 7.19.20

Sunday Things 1 576x1024 - Sunday Things... 7.19.20

Good morning! We once again had a pretty uneventful weekend. I’m trying my best to enjoy every moment having my girls home 24/7 as I know it’ll most likely never happen again. Each month gets easier and more routine.

Enjoy my favorite finds from this week!

These dairy-free zucchini rollups in an easy bolognese sauce look amazing! Definitely making for dinner one night this week!

This super veggie fried rice looks really yummy!

These grilled prosciutto wrapped peaches with arugula and goat cheese look so good! Wish I had this in front of me right now!

I’ve been living in pajamas lately with being home so much and this pair is my newest purchase. This brand has great sets that are inexpensive (compared to most other pajama sets).

This top is SO pretty if I am ever able to go out again 🙁

I love this pretty chain wrap necklace so much!

Loving this cozy cropped sweatshirt in all of these colors!

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