Sunday Things… 8.14.16

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Hey babes! I’m sitting here at 6:30am on a rainy South Florida Sunday morning writing this… why do I wake up so early on a Sunday? It’s just my natural body clock – I’ve always been an early riser. I love feeling like I accomplished so much by 9am 🙂  My daughter actually sleeps until 8am most mornings (yes I’m so lucky), so it’s my time to just sip on some coffee, watch the news and browse the internet. Speaking of browsing the internet, below are my favorite finds from this week:

These summer bliss bowls (made with sweet potato falafel) look so yummy!

Hooray!!! Starbucks will finally offer almond milk! It’s a good day people!

Loving these zucchini oats! I need to finally try adding shredded zucchini to my oats!

These chocolate avocado pudding pops look SO good!

This peach crumble shake looks delicious!

This heirloom tomato & burrata grilled cheese – OMG enough said.

These low-carb & gluten free peanut butter & berry muffins are the perfect thing to bake on a Sunday to snack on all week.

Aloha (one of my favorite & super clean proteins I use) is having a flash sale and offering 25% off ALL products now through 8/18. Use code ALOHA25 – all of their products are vegan, non-gmo, soy free, gluten free and dairy free 🙂

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