Sunday Things… 8.21.16

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Helloooooo from sunny Southern California!! I’m visiting my dad out here and loving life right now. He moved to Orange County about 5 years ago, so it’s such a fun place to visit! Not only am I loving getting to spend some quality time with my father, I couldn’t be happier to be out of the super humid and crazy-hot South Florida summer. The weather here is just perfection and I’m finally able to be outside without feeling like I’m going to melt! However, traveling with a baby is SUCH a different world to me! The time change is SO tough with a baby! We’ve been up at 4:30am every day ahhh.

I’m loving all the health food options out here! Also, I had the absolutely pleasure of meeting Jeannette from @shutthekaleup and Holly from @hollyskeepingitreal for lunch at Cafe Gratitude this week. They are both such inspiring mama/health-obsessed friends that I met through Instagram. It’s so nice to connect with people in person that I’ve been chatting with virtually for over a year 🙂 We had some REAL talk – it was so nice to have so much in common with them! Holly actually makes an amazing organic deodorant that truly works – check out her shop on Etsy. On a side note, if you’re ever in Southern California and love vegan food – you MUST check out Cafe Gratitude. I had the ‘magical’ burger and it truly was magical 🙂

Now about my favorite finds from this week:

This gluten-free mac n cheese looks so delicious! I am definitely making it soon!

This rainbow coconut smoothie bowl – have you seen something more gorgeous?!

These banana muffins with olive oil & dark chocolate – OMG!

These chocolate avocado almond pudding pops look SO GOOD!

These baked sweet potato fries with a cinnamon cashew dip look so addicting!

This orzo summer salad looks so fresh and amazing!

These berry bliss overnight oats look so yummy!  You can get 10% off all Philosophie products by entering promo code leahsplate10

This healthy garlic herb chicken salad is the perfect thing to make a big batch of and have throughout the week!

How yummy do these no-bake salted caramel cups look?!

I like to make my own baby food, but some days I just don’t have the time. It’s difficult to find store-bought baby food that I approve of and recently discovered Once Upon a Farm. Read the ingredients – there’s absolutely no additives and it’s all organic. Just the way us mama’s like it 🙂

These are my new favorite yoga pants – I’ve been wearing them a bit too much actually, haha. They are seriously SO comfy!

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