Sunday Things… 9.20.20

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Sunday Things’ where I share my favorite finds from around the internet this past week. It’s mostly yummy healthy recipe finds, any articles that I find interesting as well as a few fashion finds. I also share a little weekend recap! I hope you enjoy!!

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Weekend Recap

The weekend kicked off with a homemade family dinner on Friday night. I made chicken soup and the girls LOVED it – always makes my day when my kids love what I cook. Saturday morning I took my favorite outdoor workout class, then came home and made pancakes for the family. We spent most of the morning in the pool and just hanging outside. I then met my best friend who was in town from New York for lunch at True Food (we sat outside and it felt very safe – actually we were one of the only ones outside because it’s so damn hot, lol). Saturday night was another home-cooked meal and a very lazy night. I don’t have much on the agenda for today other than spending quality time with my kids and prepping some meals for the week ahead. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday 🙂

Healthy, delish recipe finds

This tomato salad is gorgeous!

Definitely making these salsa verde shredded beef bowls for dinner this week!

How incredible do these gluten-free pumpkin s’mores cookies look?!

I’m obsessing over this beautiful taco salad!

These vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look so incredible and perfect for fall!

Fashion Finds

Living in this $29 black t-shirt dress – so easy to throw on with sneakers, boots or sandals! I shared it on Sunday Things last week, but since I wore it almost every day this week I just had it share it again.

I loveee activewear from Amazon. It’s so inexpensive and the quality is surprisingly good! Check out a list of my favorite inexpensive activewear finds from Amazon!

I love this pretty gold necklace.

This hair clip is so pretty! If it’s a pony tail kind of day it really elevates the look 🙂

I love love loveee this neutral-color tie-dye sweatshirt for fall!

Very into this basic white Nike’s – they’re simple and go with anything.

Shows I’m currently binge-watching:

I just started The Affair – I know, I know I’m sooo late to the game! After everyone telling me for years how obsessed they are with it I finally gave in.

Also slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I’m still into Keeping Up with the Kardashians – however it feels more scripted and staged than ever now. I loved when it felt more natural / real like the first few seasons.

We recently watched ‘You’ on Netflix. I really liked the first season, but it was sooo creepy and left me feeling weird and yucky. However, I was so drawn in and kept watching. Season two was so bad in my opinion, and I stopped watching.

I mentioned this last week, but so excited for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to start soon! My dad has a house in Park City nearby, so I’m looking forward to it!

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