Sunday Things… 9.25.16

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Happy Sunday… happy FALL! I’m so excited it’s fall! Did you read my post about why I love Autumn so much?! It’s my favorite season for so many reasons!

What’s everyone up to today? Emma and Josh are going to their first ‘daddy and me’ class – how cute?! This means I have the morning to myself, so I’m going to a hot kickboxing class! Then I’m doing a big grocery shop and lots of meal prep for the week. Now that Emma eats solids not only do I need to prep food for myself and my husband, but I also try to prep lots of healthy food for her. This means I spend even more time in the kitchen ahhh!!

Anyway, check out my fave finds from this week:

This one pan chicken burrito bowl is a must-make!

This apple pie sundae looks dreamy and is a guilt-free dessert.

How yummy do these pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies look?!

And speaking of pumpkin…. these healthy fudgy flourless pumpkin pie bars are a must-make this fall!

This rustic pasta with a ‘cheesy’ chickpea crumble and heirloom tomatoes is the perfect vegan dish!

This slow-cooker chicken fajita and quinoa soup is too easy to make!

This green apple butternut squash soup is the perfect yummy & cozy thing to make this fall.

I love raw honey because of the countless health benefits and recently tried this one and am loving it! Click here to get it for FREE!

I’ve been loving my wellness bundle that I recently received from Aloha. You can now get 25% off this bundle using the code ALOHA25

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