Sunday Things… 9.27.20

Sunday Things 576x1024 - Sunday Things... 9.27.20

Hi my loves! I’m finally getting to this post at almost 9pm! I usually get my ‘Sunday Things’ post out in the morning, but it just didn’t happen for me today! I’m getting surgery on Wednesday and will be out of commission for a while after, so I’ve been trying to give the kids my undivided attention (aka my blog posts getting out later than planned). My mom is back in town to help me after my surgery so I’m really happy to have her back 🙂 I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Currently watching:

Everything new on Netflix that you need to watch: I will have LOTS of time to watch everything on Netflix while recovering from my surgery.

Still going strong with watching The Affair on Netflix

Watching the final season of Keeping up with the Kardashians – how does everyone feel about it coming to an end? I love them, but it’s time… The show felt more staged than ever lately.

Recipe finds from this week:

This Autumn harvest cobb salad looks soo delish! All about salads as a main!

How to make the best scrambled eggs. scrambled eggs = life!

Fashion finds from this week:

I love this basic puffer jacket for winter and it’s under $100!

Always love a good pair of joggers!

So obsessed with this pretty style of this dress.


Six natural supplements that knock out migraines: I suffer from migraines and will definitely incorporate these into my routine!

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