Sunday Things + My First Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Leahs Plate - Sunday Things + My First Mother's Day

This is not just any ordinary Sunday… it’s my first Mother’s Day! I am still pinching myself that I am actually a mommy! The past (almost) 5 months have been the most rewarding time of my life. I have learned to be completely selfless and have never felt a love so deep. It is crazy to me that I brought this tiny human into this world and that she relies and depends on me 24/7.

The experience has been completely life-changing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things that I thought were important to me before, seem so meaningless now. I used to get upset if I missed my favorite yoga class or felt I always needed the trendiest shoes/handbags etc. – those things seem so small to me now. My life now revolves around my cute little family 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I still need that hour to myself every day to just decompress (and I have a wonderful husband who makes sure I get to do that every night when he comes home from work). ‘Me time’ is so important and I think it’s necessary to be the best mother I can be to Emma. All you mamas out there – try to do one nice thing for yourself a week. Whether it’s shutting the door to read a good book, going for a long walk or run, taking a gym class, booking a massage, or just watching your favorite TV show in peace. If you’re happy, that’ll reflect onto your child and make you the best mother you can be. When you’re worn out/stressed your child can sense that.

I cannot wait for all the exciting times to come with Emma and look forward to all the wonderful family memories that will be created. I am going to try to be present in the moment and appreciate every little thing, because I know it’s going to go by so quickly.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mommies out there! I don’t think you can fully appreciate motherhood until you become a mom yourself – every mom deserves to be celebrated today!

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