Things I’m Loving Lately – January Edition!

Things Im Loving Lately January 2018. 683x1024 - Things I'm Loving Lately - January Edition!

Hi loves! Checking in with another ‘loving lately’ post. This one is all about some healthy brands/products I’ve recently discovered and love so want to share with you! Enjoy!

Blissfully Better chocolates. Their caramel thins and toffee thins are absolutely incredible! I’ve been having some every night after dinner and it’s SUCH an addiction! They’re made with 5 simple organic ingredients, are non-GMO and low-glycemic verified.

TULA products! TULA is a probiotic skincare line that combines probiotics with other skin-friendly superfoods to naturally balance and boost the health of your skin. They use clean, clinically proven, high-quality ingredients in all of their products. The revitalizing eye cream has done wonders for my eyes while the exfoliating treatment mask gently exfoliates my skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. I was able to get a discount code for you guys (yayyy). Use code LEAHSPLATE for 20% off on + free shipping on orders over $50. This code is not valid on sale or auto-delivery items and is one use per customer.

EPIC bone broth – Now that it’s winter I’m fully embracing the cooler weather by heating up some bone broth every afternoon. I love sipping on it between lunch and dinner. I’ve been adding 1 tsp of ghee to the broth, which makes it perfectly creamy. There’s a lot of bone broth’s on the market, but I love EPIC for many reasons… it comes in a glass jar (no yucky plastic container), and it’s all 100% grass-fed and organic meat. They cook the bones in a traditional fashion (low simmering for long durations) in order to extract maximum amounts of nourishing collagen, minerals and gelatin.

Simple Kneads gluten-free breads – Seriously obsessed with all of the flavors, but especially love the sourdough! You need to be cautious when purchasing gluten-free products. Just because something is gluten-free does NOT mean that it’s healthy. Many companies use absolute crap as ingredients in gluten-free products. Simple Kneads bread is made from amazing, wholesome REAL food ingredients – no crap, nothing fake and nothing artificial!

Raw Box – I received my first box this week and truly loved every single product in it! It had an amazing assortment of delicious raw (and healthy) snacks, vegan beauty products and eco-friendly household items. I can’t wait to try all the snacks this week!

Mylk Labs Oatmeal – Perfect for busy mornings when you need to grab something and go! Each flavor is equally delicious! All of their oat cups contain 6 ingredients or less and are sweetened with unrefined organic coconut sugar. There are no fillers, refined sugars or artificial flavorings.

LYMBR – If you live in South Florida, CT, MA or NY you MUST check this place out! They offer one-on-one personalized stretches specifically for your needs. I leave feeling leaner, longer and even lighter! I love going after a long, stressful day or even better after a tough workout!

Georgia Grinders – These nut butters are serious CRACK! They’re super high in quality and are slow roasted. They only use non-GMO ingredients and are Whole 30 approved! My favorite flavor is the pecan butter – it’s so dreamy on top of toast and oatmeal!

Teaonic – This line of functional wellness teas are specifically formulated to address various health needs. From detoxifying the liver to relieving stress, each and every one of their teas offers a specific health benefit – I love them all!

BRAMI – They’re a classic Mediterranean legume (looks like a huge bean) that is relatively unknown in America. They actually have the highest protein density of any plant on earth and even have 50% more protein than chickpeas! They have no sugar and are a great snack! They’re also delicious in salads, soups and more!

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