TRULY clean deodorants for your pregnancy

DeoderantsForYourPregnancy - TRULY clean deodorants for your pregnancy


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Holly’s Keeping It Real

If you recently found out you were pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant, you may be making the switch to cleaner, non-toxic products. One of the most important products to switch out right away is your deodorant. Most deodorants on the market contain the ingredient Aluminum, which is linked to all sorts of diseases. Even some aluminum-free deodorants on the market still contain harmful ingredients. I highly recommend the above 3 deodorants, as I have looked into every single ingredient in each one and can confirm these 3 deodorants are the cleanest ones you’ll find.

If you’re breastfeeding I would also highly recommend sticking to the above 3 deodorants. You don’t want your baby inhaling artificial fragrance from deodorants since their noses are close to your armpit while you’re breastfeeding. Also, your skin soaks up what you put on it, which can then be in your breastmilk.

I personally have made the switch to cleaner products for the rest of my life, not just while pregnant. Since Aluminum in deodorant is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s I rather avoid it forever.

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