Wellness-ey Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast

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Sneakers are always a great gift! I love these APL sneakers and these Nike sneakers!

Anyone coffee drinker would love this heat-regulated mug so their coffee stays nice and warm all day!

Alo shorts – Josh loves these – they’re lightweight and SO comfortable!!

The perfect lightweight Tank top for workouts and just hanging out.

These noise cancelling headphones are so great!

CBD!! I love Rise & Zen from Cured Nutrition. Use Rise in the morning when feeling anxious (but want to stay alert and focused) and Zen before bed to calm your entire mind and body. Use code LEAH for a discount 🙂

Welly Water bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

The ‘Father’s Day bundle’ from Primally Pure is so great for non-toxic skincare! Use code prenatalhealth for a discount.

Gift certificate for a message – always a great gift to receive! You can use the Zeel app for in-home massages!!

Breakfast in bed: I do this every year for Josh for Father’s Day. The kids love bringing him breakfast! Scramble up some eggs, pancakes + freshly brewed coffee!

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