The Wellness Junkie Holiday Gift Guide!

I’m SO excited to share my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health & Wellness Junkie with you guys! This is basically a roundup of my favorites!

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A juicer: I am obsessed with my Hurom Juicer and have been making celery juice every single morning. It’s now become a part of my morning routine that I’m loving and is making me feel oh so good!

You can never go wrong with athleisure. I literally live in my leggings and my favorite brand is Beyond Yoga.

Non-toxic beauty products: Gift the health enthusiast in your life a gift bag of mixed products from Primally Pure. This is a line of all natural products such as soap, deodorant etc. It’s all non-toxic, just the way it should be! Use code prenatalhealth for 10% off (or 15% off from Black Friday – Cyber Monday).

There’s nothing better than luxurious, cozy organic bedding. I’m all about non-toxic mattresses and bedding, because you want to make sure you’re not inhaling chemicals all night while you’re sleeping. My fave organic bedding is from Coyuchi and would make an incredible gift! It’s definitely a splurge, but so worth it!

A smoothie box from Daily Harvest: I love these smoothies that are conveniently shipped straight to your doorstep! All the ingredients are very clean, mostly organic and all are delicious! Use my code prenatalhealth for up to $40 off your order!

Meals from SunBasket: I love this meal delivery service that allows you to have the fun of cooking. All of the ingredients are delivered to your doorstep along with the recipes. Everything is farm-fresh and organic. It makes for a great date night!

An Almond Cow Nut & Seed Milk Maker!! It’s so fun to make your own nut or seed milk. It also saves lots of money over the longterm if you buy the nuts or seeds in bulk. Many store-bought non-dairy milks are full of gums and other yucky ingredients, so I always prefer to make my own. Use my code LEAHSPLATE for $15 off + free shipping!

Exercise is such a great gift to give someone! I love Obe Fitness for every kind of workout imaginable from stretching to high intensity workouts. Code leahmonth gets you a free month!

A spa day is the ultimate way to indulge – this isn’t just for a wellness junkie, but probably for anyone! If someone booked me a spa day with back-to-back treatments I’d be so grateful!

PLANTS! I’m just getting into them, but if someone bought me some plants for my home and/or desk it’s a thoughtful gift and every time I see the plant I’d think of that person 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Happy holidays! xox

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